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Digital X-Ray service at Swastik Orthopaedic Hospital, led by Dr. Ketan Vekhande. Experience, best Arthroscopic  & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Aurangabad.

An x-ray examination creates images of your internal organs or bones to help diagnose conditions or injuries. A special machine emits (puts out) a small amount of ionising radiation. This radiation passes through your body and is captured on a special device to produce the image.

The dose of radiation you will receive depends on the area of your body being examined. Smaller areas such as the hand receive a lesser dose compared to a larger area such as the spine. On average, the dose of radiation is roughly the same as you would receive from the general environment in about one week.

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.

When x-ray examinations are used

This test is very common. About seven million x-ray examinations are made every year in Australia. Some of the many uses include:

  • diagnosis of fractures – detection of broken bones is one of the most common uses of this test
  • diagnosis of dislocations – an x-ray examination can reveal if the bones of a joint are abnormally positioned
  • as a surgical tool – to help the surgeon accurately perform the operation. For example, x-ray images taken during orthopaedic surgery show if the fracture is aligned or if the implanted device (such as an artificial joint) is in position. X-rays may also be used in other surgical procedures for a similar purpose
  • diagnosis of bone or joint conditions – for example, some types of cancer, arthritis or osteoporosis
  • diagnosis of chest conditions – such as pneumonia, lung cancer, emphysema or heart failure
  • detection of foreign objects – for example, metal fragments or swallowed coins