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Joint Pain Treatment by Dr. Ketan Vekhande is a renowned Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon & Specialist in Trauma, Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy in Aurangabad Maharashtra.

Joint pain is the feeling of discomfort or pain in a joint or joints in the body. Joints are spaces or areas where two or more bones come together, such as the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle. Joint pain can happen with or without movement and can be serious enough to limit movement. People can describe joint pain as discomfort, inflammation, increased heat or a burning sensation, pain, stiffness, or pain.

Joints allow our bones to move. They are made up of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bursa, and the synovial membrane. Any of the structures in a joint can become irritated or inflamed in response to a variety of mild to serious illnesses, disorders, or conditions.

Your joint pain may last briefly or be chronic, defined as lasting more than three months. Joint pain has many causes. Sudden joint pain may be due to a slight muscle or ligament sprain, bursitis, or dislocation. Chronic joint pain can be a symptom of serious or life-threatening conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, leukemia, or bone cancer. If you experience sudden joint pain with loss of mobility, contact a healthcare practitioner as soon as possible or seek emergency medical attention. Early diagnosis and treatment can minimize discomfort and reduce the risk of severe complications.

If the pain lasts more than a few days or is accompanied by fever, unexplained weight loss, or other unusual symptoms, contact a healthcare practitioner as soon as possible.